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Figurines Mania online sale of collectible figurines and accessories

Collectible figurines and derivatives

Figurines-mania.com is a French Ltd. located in northern France near the Belgium.

Our shop specializes in the online sales of collectible figurines and derivatives . You will find the latest products released on the market as derived Myth Cloth figures of the manga Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, figurines from video games (Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter), film (Avengers, Lord rings, Harry Potter), TV series (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead), comics (Marvel, DC Comics) and many others like busts and reproductions of vehicles and spaceships.

We offer you the latest figures

The team is composed essentially of collectors for many years (average age 35 years) and that our goals are to share our passion but you take advantage of our expertise to satisfy you on products you are looking for especially in terms of price and quality.

The world of figures is constantly changing, we are trying for that (especially our commercial) find you throughout the year of original products, rare at the best price from our official suppliers so you can share it. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here to keep you informed of the latest news

Figures-Mania.com is also a complex of offices and a warehouse that allows us to respond quickly to your expectations in terms of stock and delivery times.