Preorder: Details and information

Preorder your collector figurines

A product proposed for sale by preorder is a product that is not yet available in our office.

Interest :

The interest of a preorder concerns the fact that it offers the possibility to book a priority desired product at a price less than or equal to the selling price at the time of its availability.

Some items may be limited and collectors sometimes it is better to be served before a fast flow and a stock price increase when it becomes scarce.

Procedure :

You pay the entire order at once. Do not hesitate to use our payment service 3 or 4 installments if necessary. We accept payment by credit card, paypal or bank transfer (for this last, please contact us before)

Grouping of pre-orders :

You can group your pre-orders, if the estimated time of availability does not exceed 60 days between the different pre-orders. The consolidated shipment is effected on receipt of all pre-ordered products in stock. If you wish to receive products without waiting 1 or 2 months before the release of another, you should separate them from the start in two separate pre-orders.

Order to make profitable the cost of sending:

It is possible to group a pre-order item with a (of) item (s) already in stock, simply place your order. The shipment of products is done once the pre-order when stock arrives.
For information, dates of arrival in stock of a product are presented for information purposes only and are provided by the distributor or manufacturer.


We are obviously not responsible for any delays on the dates announced, if new dates are given by the manufacturer or distributor, we will work to quickly make these changes on product details. If in very exceptional cases, the pre-order could not be honored by "FIGURINES-MANIA", due to a defective product received, for lack of quantity ordered or outright cancellation of the distributor or manufacturer, "FIGURINES-MANIA" not be held responsible.

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