The figurines Mania FAQ, the answers to all your questions for figures sales!

A question about Figurines Mania, figurines and accessories, conditions of sale or delivery? Need more info on the figures pre-order system? Find all the information here in the FAQ Figurines Mania. The figurines online sales site will have no secret for you.

General Issues

Figurines Mania, what is it ?

Figures-mania.com is a French SARL located in northern France near the Belgium. Our shop is quality figurines specializing exclusively in online sales of figures and derivatives. You will find out the latest products on the market such as figurines SAINT SEIYA derivatives Manga, figures derived from video games, cartoons, movies, TV shows, and many others such as busts, resin figures of high quality. The team consists essentially Mania Miniature collectors for many years (average age 35 years) and our goals are to share our passion for reproductions of characters but you take advantage of our expertise to you meet on the thumbnails you are looking for especially in terms of price and quality the area figures are constantly changing, and why we try (especially our commercial) to finding all year novel products, rare at the best price from our official suppliers so you can share it. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest news on the creation and marketing of miniature figures official. Figures-Mania.com is also a complex of offices and a warehouse that allows us to meet your expectations in terms of stock and delivery times.

How shall I contact you ?

For information or questions on the figures and benefits of online sales, customer service Figurines Mania can be reached by:

Telephone: Monday to Friday from 08h to 12h00 and 13h to 17h at 03 61 97 69 30 an voice mail is available outside office hours (€ 0.34 including tax / min in mainland France)

Fax : to be sent to: 09 74 44 28 57

Email : service.clients@figurines-mania.com

Mail to:Figurines Mania, Customer Service, 57 Avenue de l'Europe 59223 RONCQ, France

What is the pricing policy of Figurines Mania?

Everyday Figurines Mania tries to finding quality products and best prices from different suppliers and manufacturers of miniature figures whose primary purpose is to make you enjoy. Namely, we focus first and foremost the quality and price (no fakes).


Can I order by phone ?

Unfortunately not, but if you encounter any problems while browsing or order on our website, please contact us by clicking the link " Contact Figurines mania "

I have a problem when validating or payment, what should I do?

If you have problems during the validation or payment, please contact us by clicking the link " Contact Figurines mania "

I can not see any trace of my order, what should I do ?

If you do not see trace of your order figures and products, please contact us by clicking the link " Contact Figurines mania "

How to track the status of my order ?

  • 1. Go to the homepage
  • 2. Click on "My Account" at the top right of the page
  • 3. Click the "Commands"
  • 4. In the list of commands you can find all information

By clicking the order number, you can download your bill

At the reception my order is incomplete, what should I do ?

If on receipt of your package, you find that your order is incomplete, do not panic. Sometimes a product is no longer in stock then it was during the checkout process, so we were not able to deliver it to you.
A confirmation email will be sent automatically and we proceed to a refund if paid by check. For payment by credit card, only the amount of products shipped and shipping will be debited.

My Account

How do I register on the website ?

  • 1. Go to the homepage of the website.
  • 2. Click "Create Account" at the top right.
  • 3. A new page appears with a form.
  • 4. Fill out the form.
  • 5. Confirm, that's all.

I have lost my password ?

  • 1. Go to the homepage
  • 2. Click on "forgot password" at the top right of the page
  • 3. On the new page that appears go to the heading "If you have forgotten your password, you can find it HERE"
  • 4. Click HERE
  • 5. Enter your email address
  • 6. Send
  • 7. Then follow the instructions

Products and stock

Availability of the products?

There are four different states for the same product.

In stock: this product is stored at home in our structure, it is sent in the afternoon (ie you order in the morning, he left the afternoon). Except weekend

In stock (on order): this includes certain products Sideshow. Indicated under the heading of descriptive, this indicates that the product is in stock at our supplier and we can receive and send in 1 week.

Unavailable: We are out of stock, the product is in stock but will be back within two to three weeks after being delivered by the supplier.

Pre-order: These are items that we have not yet in stock. You should know that today's manufacturers sell their miniature figures before them have made ​​through various distributors.

The dates of availability for our items listed are the dates provided by the manufacturers.
For this, we can not be held responsible for delays in delivery due to manufacturers and suppliers of products or figurines of characters.

Caution: When booking, we ask you to pay the full price.
The advantage of pre-order is that you are sure you have this product by booking in advance.

The ordered products I do not like, what should I do ?

Know that you have a cancellation period of 7 days to return the products in their original packaging you ordered. These should be intact and complete. They must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and we clarify the reason for return. Transport costs be at your charge. Upon receipt, we will refund by check, a credit or exchange of your choice.

My product is defective, damaged or broken, what to do ?

If delivery of a product does not correspond to the order (defective or nonconforming), Buyer must make its claim within 7 days of signing the slip distribution.
Claims must be sent by registered mail with return receipt to the address: Figurines Mania 57 Avenue de l'europe 59223 Roncq FRANCE, and must include details of the Buyer, the product references. The reasons for the complaint.
Products returned by the Buyer shall be within seven working days of receipt thereof.
Otherwise, Figurines Mania will not make any exchange or refund of products ordered.
Any product for exchange or refund will be returned to Figures mania in its original packaging and condition and contain all of the product and its accessories.
All risks associated with returning the product and shipping costs are borne by the Buyer.
Failure to comply with the procedure outlined above and specified time, the Purchaser shall not make any claim for non-compliance or defect of goods delivered, the products then being deemed compliant and free from defect.

Gift Voucher

What is a Gift Voucher?

FIGURINES-MANIA allows you to offer a gift for the person of your choice, whether or not an account on our site.

20 € 30 € 40 € 50 € 60 € 70 € 80 €
90 € 100 € 120 € 140 € 150 € 160 € 180 €
200 € 250 € 300 € 350 € 400 € 450 € 500 €

These gift vouchers are valid throughout our catalog Website Figurines-mania.com

How to offer a gift voucher?

  • 1. Select the check with the desired amount.
  • 2. Add the check in the basket.
  • 3. Confirm and select your payment method.
  • 4. Complete the order form.
  • 5. Each person will receive an email with the name and surname of the benefactor. This can add a special message for him.

For people who have an account:
They will receive a code for obtaining the reduction in its purchasing procedure. This code is inserted when ordering.

Pour les personnes n'ayant pas de compte :
They will receive a link in order to register in our website. Then they can use the code to the reduction in the order.

How to use a gift certificate?

  • 1. Select the desired products.
  • 2. Add products in the basket.
  • 3. Enter and confirm the code that you were provided.
  • 4. Validate your command.

In case the total amount of your order exceeds the amount of your gift voucher, you proceed to the payment of the difference by choosing one of the available payment methods.

In case the total amount of your order is less than the amount of your check, we will send you a new code to use the balance in another order.

WARNING : Several checks may in no circumstances be recoverable.

Free packaging gift

What is the free gift wrapping ?

FIGURINES MANIA allows you to get your FREE product wrapped in a gift box, so ready to offer.

Do not hesitate to use this free service, FIGURINES-MANIA intends to allow you to offer gifts ready and presentable. No price or invoice will be present with the product already packed.

How to benefit ?

It's easy, just check the "Gift Pack" during the ordering procedure.

Delivery and shipping

Which countries you deliver?

We work with all countries of the European Union.
That said, we also ship packages in the world.

How much is shipping costs?

Figurines-mania.com has introduced a single price of 7.50 euros for each order with So Collissimo of the Post for all shipments in France, and 20 euros for DOM TOM
You will also have the opportunity to select options such as delivery against signature (+0.9 euros for France and € 5 for overseas territories)
You choose.

What are the methods and shipping options available?

Mode of delivery is:

  • So Colissimo International Post with signature

The choice of delivery are:

  • My home (delivery to the address of your choice, between 8h and 13h)
  • My appointment (delivery by appointment between 21h30 to 17h and the address of your choice) only on Paris
  • My Space Cityssimo (delivery in one of 31 areas Cityssimo)
  • My post office (delivery in one of 10,000 post offices of your choice)
  • My shopping (delivery to one of many traders of our partner network)

What are the shipping times of my order?

Figurines-Mania.com makes every effort to ship your order within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) for any payment by credit card.
Example: You place an order on Thursday morning, your package will be shipped on Thursday afternoon.
Upon shipment of the package, you will receive an email confirmation and a tracking number.

I am away at the time of delivery, what to do?

If you are not at home during the presentation of the package, a notice will be left in your mailbox. You can through it to remove it from your post.

What should I do to receive my package?

At the reception of your package, you should check in the presence the postman or the deliveryman following points:

  • The general condition of the package
  • The state of the packaging box (cardboard)
  • The state of tape, they are not to be detached

If in doubt, open the package in the presence of the postman or delivery boy and check the contents. If you see a problem, send us an email immediately (figurines-mania.com) in us and give reasons for your refusal to accept the package.

Remember that a damaged package may be a sign before runner of transport incidents ...

Can I come get my product in your store?

Yes. We recommend, instead of ordering on the site, call us directly to see the fees and get a date and time of appointment in our offices.


What methods of payment possible?

Figurines-mania.com offers several payment solutions:

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Transfers
  • Payment in 3 or 4 installments.

WARNING : For payment by check, the order processing is longer because we cash the check and then we will ship the order. It takes about 7 days. Remember to wear the Order number on the check if you opt for this payment method.

Online payment is it dangerous?

Not any more than in a traditional store, we do not store or visualize any data bank in our shop, the recording of these data is exclusively at the site of our financial partner through a server in encrypted mode, which means that all the transmitted data are coded and can not be read by a third party.

How does the payment in 3 or 4 times?

To enable our clients relief from sometimes too consistent purchases, FIGURINES-MANIA allows you to spread them over a period of 3 or 4 months. To benefit, we advise you to contact us before placing your order.

The payment is made in installments by check.

  • A third or a quarter when ordering
  • A third or a fourth one month after order
  • A third or a quarter two months after ordering
  • A quarter three months after ordering

To do this, just check payment "check" during checkout process on our site.

WARNING, in case of rejection for a bank transaction, we shall have to charge you the full balance at once and charge additional management fees.

Can I pay for my order to delivery?

No, sorry, we do not offer this service.